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Because we only deliver those products around the world that other online stores refuse to deliver.

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Stanislav Bessonov

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Store, I decided to open a very long time back in 2003, since then working. My online shop every year updated its design. All this was done to make customers happy when they come into the store Rekbes. I try to only sell such products, which would buy myself. They are really useful and necessary in everyday life of these products. People who buy goods in the shop window Rekbes very much to save m richer, because many of the products help to make money.

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Каждое воскресенье,при условии что есть что доставить из пункта самовывоз. Будет работать человек в Торгово-Развлекательном комплексе Променад 1 с 13:00 до 14:00 Можете выбирать этот способ и забрать свой заказ из рук сотрудника магазина.

Every Sunday, provided that there is delivered from self. Will work people in shopping and entertainment complex Promenade 1 from 13:00 to 14:00 You can choose the method and pick up your order from the hands of the employee magazine.

Кемерово пр. Ленина, 90/1 

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from 13:00 to 14:00

Without dinner and holidays